Why do people work with Jeremy

Why do people work with Jeremy?

  • ability to make swift sonic decisions and suggestions, then explain them clearly. This brings momentum to a final stage of the project and helps me as the producer maintain perspective
  • offer of both mastering and radio edits in the same facility
  • speed in getting back to me and in turnaround of assets
  • transparency of cost
  • transparency of technical process. not trying to blind me with science or equipment, yet happy to discuss how something is achieved technically.
  • flexibility  – while the costs are clearly tracked I never feel that I have a fixed slot for the work to be done  and then lose contact with him. Huge difference with standard mastering houses.
  • related to the above point – communication. He responds to emails and texts in a timely fashion.  I can reach him without having to go through a switchboard /bookings manager and having to schedule in a chat.
  • arrangement  and mix assessment consultancy
  • cheerful temperament , positive energy and physical dynamism.
  • experience
  • sense of fun and humour