You can send your files in any format from 24bit 44.1k upwards.

16 bit 44.1k is the standard CD format but the Mastered For iTunes minimum requirement is 24bit 44.1k. We can noise shape the bit rate down if you require CD Masters.

Mastering from Stereo files

When bouncing out your mix please turn off the final limiter if you have one on. Some master bus compression is fine if that’s part of the sound but please keep the dynamics sensible. It’s fine for peak levels to get close to  0db as long as the track is not completely slammed.

Mastering from Stem files

Again, make sure the final limiter is turned off before bouncing out the stems.
Create your grouped stems to bounce making sure the peak levels do not exceed -6db.
This will allow the mastering engineer more room to adjust eq, compression and limiting.
Check the ends of your files for reverb tails and make sure you don’t cut them off.
Please number the stems in the order you bounce them out (e.g. ‘1.Kick’ ‘2.Drums’ ‘3.Percussion’ ‘4.Bass Synths’ etc).
This accelerates the setting up process a lot, especially when dealing with multiple stems for a mix.
When finished import all the bounced stems into a new session and check.