Mastered for iTunes

We are MfIts (Music for iTunes) Certified


Mfits masters are Music For ITunes Masters. To safeguard against poor quality reproduction of their audio, Apple have implemented a system which guarantee’s no inter sample clipping. Read on.

* Mfits masters are Music For I Tunes Masters which are at a higher sample rate and treated at the mastering stage to stop inter sample clipping. Inter sample clipping occurs on many mastered records but is inaudible with decent digital to analogue converters. With cheap converters, the clipping can lead to quite bad distortion. the Mfits process eradicates this problem, guaranteeing quality sound across all playback devices. Please check the diagram below for a clear illustration.

Generating Mfits masters requires a workflow which has to be approved by iTunes and we’ve been iTunes certified for 3 years now.

In addition to your standard masters we can also supply duplicate Mfits masters.

Intersample peaks (clipping)

In the digital domain, signals are represented by samples taken at discrete time intervals. This can lead to a signal that exceeds the digitally available magnitude range when converted to an analog signal while the digital signal still lies inside the range. The following figure demonstrates this:

While the (green) digital signal lies in between ±1, the (blue) analog signal exceeds this range. This wouldn’t be a problem if the analog signal had enough headroom. Some DA converters run on low supply voltages and therefore lack the needed headroom. Therefore a signal might clip even if a sample peak meter doesn’t show this.